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Innovation Scholarship


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The scholarship funds will be allocated within six categories:

  • Tech

  • Cleantech
  • Creative industries
  • Everyday products
  • Tourism industry
  • Life sciences

Congratulations to the winners in this years edition of Stockholm Innovation Scholarship. Read more about the 6 winners at Invest Stockholm.

Turn your idea into reality?

Behind every idea, business and innovation there are one or more people. The aim of the Stockholm Innovation Scholarship is to reward and encourage people with bright ideas to take the next step towards developing these ideas.

When? The application period begins on August 17th, and closes on October 10th 2016.
Who? If you live or work/study in the Stockholm county, you can apply for the scholarship. Find out more about the eligibility requirements.
What? Your innovation could be a physical product, a service or a combination of the two. Your entry will be assessed according to the degree of innovation and its uniqueness, and its commercial and socioeconomic significance..
How? Register on this website and upload your entry. This year, six winning innovations will receive a share of SEK 630,000. The scholarships will be presented at Stockholm City Hall during the Nobel Week.